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Welcome to the Taste of 575. You’ve found the most complete resource focusing on casual and fine dining restaurants in the area. With over 100 restaurants to select from, we’re sure you will find something near you to explore and discover. It’s our hope that provides you a deeper look into the various restaurants and encourage you to visit them as you support local business.

While there’s a lot to enjoy here on our webpage, we encourage you to check out our digital magazine using the link on this page or pick up a print copy in one of our many distribution locations. You can also install our mobile app by searching “Taste of 575” on your mobile device or clicking the links on this page.

When you visit on of the restaurants mentioned here please let them know you heard about them through Taste of 575.

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Dec 16
The Allure of American Style Dining Along I-575

The areas surrounding I-575 offer a wide variety of options for great food and dining experiences. Take the time to explore and discover what’s close to you. In the vast tapestry of global cuisines, American style dining stands out as a unique and diverse culinary experience. Rooted in a melting pot of cultures, this dining […]

Dec 13
Exceptional Service for an Exceptional Experience

Selecting a restaurant isn’t always easy. Especially when you want to celebrate something special. You trust that the restaurant will do their part to make the experience unique and memorable. This is an example of getting it right. The Reservation In the fall of 2022, I made a reservation at Oceanaire, the seafood restaurant. While […]

Dec 09
How QR Codes in Restaurants are Eroding The Customer Experience

The use of QR codes in restaurants has been embrassed by owners, but there are some serious risk they may want to consider and if it’s worth losing business over. A quick history of QR Codes QR Codes have been around in some fashion since they were introduced by a Japanese company back in 1994 […]

Dec 09

After visiting dozens of restaurants this year as the publisher of a regional food and dining guide, Taste of 575, I have learned that the restaurant dining experience is about much more than the food. It may also be a cautionary tale about restaurants losing control of their customer experience. After visiting dozens of restaurants […]

Nov 11
Veterans Day Remembered

As a Veteran-owned company, Corridor Publishing, the parent company of Taste of 575, we are honored to take a moment to recognize the contributions of those who have contributed service to our country. Gerald Griffith, the founder of Corridor Publishing is a combat veteran of the US Army (Desert Storm) and comes from a family […]

Oct 23
The Taste of 575 Launches New “Taste of” Experience to Benefit Patrons and Restaurants

The “Taste of 575 Experience” takes a different approach to the traditional “Taste of” event by inviting you to dine with participating restaurants all year long and for a very attractive price of just $5.75 Starting this November 2023, Corridor Publishing, the parent company behind Taste of 575, will launch a new initiative aimed at […]