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C’est la Vie – France Comes to Cherokee

From the time you see the converted historical home from the sidewalk, you know there’s something special awaiting you on the other side of the door. C’est la Vie is different on many levels and we look forward to returning soon.

We’ve had a chance to meet with the owners, Laetitia and Vincent, and it’s very evident that they love what they do and being a part of the community. This is reflected in the unique ways in which they’ve arranged their restaurant with its white table clothes and comfortable seating.

The menu offers something for everyone, but if you’re going to a nice French restaurant, you’ll want to try something new and different. We tried the octopus which we expected to be like calamari, but it wasn’t like calamari at all. It’s hard to describe, except to say it was delicious (by the way, it didn’t taste like chicken).


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