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Insights 575: First Watch Delivers Great Food and Service

I visit a lot of restaurants. With all of them striving to deliver a great experience and food, it becomes harder to stand out.

I originally attempted a visit to First Watch in Kennesaw, Georgia while heading to an appointment. The place was packed, and I opted to sit at their community table. After a brief time, I realized I was not going to be able to stay to enjoy a meal. On my way out, I let the manager know I could not stay and that I would visit another time.
The manager asked that I wait a moment. He then went to his office and returned with a gift card. He apologized for my not being able to stay and asked that I return another time. A few weeks later, I returned with my wife for breakfast.

There is something special about receiving service that is beyond what you expect. The manager did not owe me anything due to my scheduling issue, but he expressed his interest in my returning another time and gave me the gift card and the invitation to return.

Thank you, First Watch for your excellent service and positive experience.


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