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Insights 575: Taking it EASY at Big Easy BBQ

If you want to visit a restaurant that is not afraid to season their food, this is it.

I was invited out to lunch following Sunday service and it turns out, the group wanted to visit Big Easy BBQ. Since they are in Taste of 575 and I had not visited before, I jumped at the chance to check the place out.
Located in the Hickory Flat area, Big Easy offers a very welcoming setup where everyone was very relaxed and enjoying their time. Our group of about 8 people ordered and it did not take long for our food to arrive hot from the kitchen.
Big Easy has a Cajun vibe and likes to spice it up, so if you are looking for tame food that lacks any actual flavor, you may want to take a pass on this one. I opted for the ribs, green beans, and Mac-n-Cheese. Everything was good and I was happy to take some home to share with the family.

Big Easy BBQ felt welcoming and the other people eating there seemed to be having a great time. Between the food and the relaxed setting, I’ll be sure to visit again and try more items off the menu.

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