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The Taste of 575 Launches New “Taste of” Experience to Benefit Patrons and Restaurants

The “Taste of 575 Experience” takes a different approach to the traditional “Taste of” event by inviting you to dine with participating restaurants all year long and for a very attractive price of just $5.75

Starting this November 2023, Corridor Publishing, the parent company behind Taste of 575, will launch a new initiative aimed at helping people connect with area restaurants by rethinking the traditional “Taste of” event experience.

Traditional “Taste of” events bring people together and that’s a very good thing. Still, after participating in four events over the past 12 months, it became clear that there was a need and opportunity to offer something different. The in-person events, for all their benefits, don’t give future patrons the opportunity to “Experience” what a restaurant is like. Never mind how much time and effort goes into showing up at the event. There’s also the risk of bad weather or staffing issues.

During a recent meeting with Kennesaw University’s HatchBridge program, the vision behind the “Taste of 575 Experience” took off. The program offers patrons and restaurants the opportunity to actually engage in a meaningful way. Patrons are invited to “Experience” what restaurants have to offer by visiting any of the participating restaurants and asking for “A Taste of 575.” In addition to the regular menu, patrons will then receive a special menu featuring three specially selected items reflecting the restaurant and what makes them special. The items are a combination of Appetizers, Desserts, or Special Drinks.

When restaurants participate in the Taste of 575 Experience, they have the opportunity to show off what they have to offer, utilize their existing staff, and gain the ability to offer items that won’t work for an outdoor event. This benefits patrons because they can also order from the regular menu to turn their taste into a full dining experience.

The “Taste of 575 Experience” menu items are all priced at just $5.75 each which means a patron could enjoy all three items and even leave a tip for just 20 dollars. Although not required patrons are invited to select an entree from the regular menu to round out their dining experience.

Here are some samples of what you can expect to see with the Taste of 575 Experience. The samples are from The Nest Kennesaw and DIVE Southern Coastal Kitchen in Canton.

To get the special menu, patrons have to request it after being seated since this program is only available for Dine-In when they ask for a “Taste of 575″ menu.

Many more restaurants are being added to the program. Be sure to join the Taste of 575 mailing list to get updates on the program and see the expanding list of participating restaurants.

Those interested in adding their restaurant to the mix should submit an information request form.


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